2.1 A contract for the purchase of a product is created by the acceptance by us of an order placed by a User as follows:

2.1.1 The User places the order on the Site by pressing the order confirmation button at the end of the checkout process;

2.1.2 By confirming your order, you are agreeing to purchase the product or products you have selected for your order;

2.1.4 At this point, we take payment for your order by means of your nominated payment method;

2.1.5 We will confirm our acceptance of your order by sending you an “order confirmation email”, which will make the agreement legally binding on you and us. Each order placed will incorporate these Terms and shall be a new and separate contract between you and us;

2.1.6 Once your Order has been despatched for delivery, you will receive a “despatch confirmation email”.

2.2 If your order is rejected (which may be after we have sent you an order confirmation email), we will contact you to confirm this and if your payment has been taken, we will refund your payment in full or for the relevant parts of your Order. We may reject an order for any of the following reasons:

2.2.1 If we do not have your chosen product in stock and it appears that it will not become available in a reasonable time;

2.2.2 Where we cannot obtain authorisation for your payment;

2.2.3 If there has been a relevant pricing or product description error;

2.2.4 If your order otherwise breaches any of the requirements of these Terms;

2.2.5 If we suspect that the order has been placed fraudulently;

2.2.6 If there has been a significant change in any raw material price(s) of a magnitude not anticipated by us.

2.2.7 At our sole discretion, we are under no obligation to provide reasons for rejecting an order, and no contract will be in existence between us.

2.3 You cannot make changes or cancel your Order once it has been placed – for further details on our Cancellation Policy, please see Section 7.

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