Remodelling Jewels

We are delighted to remodel old pieces of jewellery that clients wish to modernise. We give new life to cherished pieces that hold sentimental value. Transforming, for example, Granny’s sapphire from a broken necklace into a unique ring you can wear and enjoy every day.

“At the beginning of a remodelling project, I like to spend time getting to know my clients personally by meeting them, discussing their likes, dislikes and getting to know their style.”

- Eliza


"Together, we examine your jewels and discuss what works, what doesn’t and most importantly, why."

Eliza will make suggestions, some being simple fixes, some suggested farewells, and some remodelling ideas. This consultation can be at our studio near Sloane Square or if preferred, Eliza can come to your house. Please be aware, there is a fee for a home visit.

A Sweet Pea Ring incorporating a client's mother’s engagement ring, her earrings and a 21st gift from her mother. Handmade at the bench using all of the clients own sentimental gold.


“Following the initial meeting, I spend time in my studio translating my clients tastes into watercolour sketches while I work out the final perfect designs.”

Eliza will produce watercolour sketches for each suggested remodel, outlining the details of the design and a quote for handcrafting them. This process takes around 3 weeks, as Eliza likes time to consider the design options.

A ring incorporating our client's mother's engagement ring with treasures found in her jewellery box.


“Our goldsmith has 20 years of experience, and is happy to tackle any issue, large or small. Your piece is in expert hands.”

Once the final design is confirmed, work begins handcrafting it in our workshops using traditional techniques. The process is a meticulous one, involving our highly skilled craftsmen and women and takes 8 - 10 weeks depending on the complexity. Should you be in a hurry for the piece, it is possible to fast track it, so please mention this when you get in touch!

A 1.3ct brilliant diamond, remodelled from a client's mother's engagement ring into a platinum pendant with matching handmade spigla chain.
A sapphire ring remodelled from a 9ct White Gold wedding band and vintage diamonds.
A Sweet Pea Ring incorporating a clients mother-in-laws engagement ring, her eternity ring and her first wedding band.

"For me, the joy of jewellery is the sentiment. If you start with old ingredients then the sentiment is already there. You are guaranteed to make a piece that means something."

- Eliza

An invitation to our studio near Sloane Square

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A highlight of my year has to have been Lylie creating a stunning ring from what was my mother’s engagement ring, her earrings and a 21st birthday present. It’s a lot of very precious memories captured in something that has already given me so much joy and even the gold is from the original pieces.

From the moment that Lylie came to my house to review my jewellery what I wear and why, what I don’t wear and why it was a revelation, from which she created a plan to ‘restyle’ my jewellery. I end the year with a new wardrobe of beautiful jewels; earrings reborn and comfortable, brooches made in to pendants and bespoke rings and bracelets.

Lylie is an outstanding designer with great knowledge, backed by superb craftsmanship. She is a joy to work with. I can’t recommend her too highly.

A very thrilled client. 02.10.19

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