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The Pigeon Post Pendant

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Sterling Silver

Gold Dipped Sterling Silver

Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver

9ct Yellow Gold


Thanks to their homing abilities, pigeons have acted as a postal service through history, from Julius Caesar to Genghis Khan to David Lloyd George. This pendant is cast from a pigeon band, found in Nottingham, and used during WW1 to attach correspondence letters to. We like the idea that this pendant could accompany someone off traveling, much like a St. Christopher, guiding the wearer through their journey and safely home.

Handmade in England, this pendant bears Lylie’s signature Salvaged Hallmark, indicating it is made from 100% recycled precious metal. The model wears the Curb Chain. Please note, we do not dip the chains, they are all Sterling Silver or Solid 9ct gold. They are not 100% recycled at this time. 


Silver Weight: 1.6g pendant only

Dimensions: 5.4 x 9.5 mm

Salvaged Precious Metals

Made in England


Lylie's uses 5 microns of gold for the dipped products. The industry standard is 1-3 micron of plating.

Gold Dipped

Salvaged Sterling Silver dipped in 5 microns of Salvaged gold.

Solid Gold

Lylie's holds designs in stock of 9ct Gold. For higher grades of gold carat and more colours, use the Customise button.




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- Avoid wearing your jewellery during physical work such as gardening or sports.

- Avoid chlorinated swimming pools.

- Store your jewellery pieces in fabric lined boxes or pouches to avoid scratches and chain knots.


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