Sea Treasures

Sea Treasures takes inspiration from the life that teems below the earth’s waters. After learning of the horrors of coral bleaching and the destruction caused to thousand-year-old eco-systems, we wanted this collection to celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater world.

The Balla Balla Seaweed Earrings can be worn as studs (see below) or with asymmetrical drops (right)
Flossy wears The Indian Ocean Wave Ring, The Balla Balla Seaweed Earring and The Oria Coral Hoop
The Tofo Coral Studs, with recycled aquamarines and antique diamonds

You can imagine a Honeycomb Moray swimming out, a Cow-nose Ray gliding past, or a huge Potato Bass hanging out above the coral clusters.

The Nine Mile Reef Earrings
The Indian Ocean Wave Ring
The Bazaruto Earrings in 9ct Salvaged Gold with antique diamonds and man-made aquamarines

Sea Treasures is made from man-made aquamarines, man-made peridots and recycled antique diamonds to convey the depth of the sea colours and glimmer of sun below the waves.

Our best selling, Ayida Coral Earrings in 9ct Salvaged Gold
The Two Mile Reef Earrings in Salvaged Silver (above) and 9ct Salvaged Gold (right)

Sea Treasures was our third collection, inspired by the idea of a piece of ancient treasure being lost at the bottom of the ocean and coral growing around it.

The Tia Coral Hoops in Gold Dipped Salvage Silver

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