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Show your love, capture a memory or create a keepsake. Hand engrave a number of our designs with initials, monograms, images and mottos.  

Top Row: The Elizabethan Pendant, a perfect canvas for engraving on both sides. Left: Our engraving inspiration, an East India Company button discovered by @jasonmudlark. Above: Our Elizabethan Pendant in 9ct Salvaged Gold, engraved with a clients 3 children and husband's initials.

Hand engrave a selection of our designs with initials, monograms, images and mottos.

Left: The Madonna & Child Pendant. Above: the reverse engraved with 'N.N' in Style 2.
Above: Our four engraving style options. Right: Engraving Style 4 used under the head of a signet ring.
Left: Inspiration found in beautiful building numbering. Above: The process of engraving 'N.N' onto the back of the Madonna & Child Pendant.

Use the ‘Engrave' tool on the product pages to see the possible engraving options for the piece. 

Left: The Madonna & Child Pendant engraved with Monogram 1. Above: Our three monogram designs, which can each be adapted for 2-4 letters.
Above: Our Madonna & Child Pendant, monogramed on the back with 'Monogram 1' design. Right: The inspiration for 'Monogram 1', a 1920's design.
Left: The Piecemeal Seal Ring, a perfect canvas for engraving a monogram on. Above: 19th Century monogram designs, the inspiration for 'Monogram 2' design.
Above: Our Elizabethan Pendant, monogramed with 'AC' using 'Monogram 2' design. Right: plotting out a monogram in the workshop.
Left: 'Ramon' engraved on our Elizabethan Pendant in Salvaged Silver. This design had to be modified to allow for the 5 letters, so we used our inspiration image as the starting point. Above: Ribbon monograms that inspired the 'Monogram 3' design.

Our engraver Jared is the third generation in his family and works using his grandfathers tools.

Left: A disc pendant in 9ct Salvaged Gold, made for a client and engraved with 'F' in engraving 'Style 3'. Above: Our Madonna & Child Pendant marked out for engraving in 'Style 4', pictured on Jared's bench.
Above: A seal engraved wasp, on our Elizabethan Pendant in Salvaged 9ct Gold. Right: The seal, made from the seal engraving.
Left: Two dates engraved on our Elizabethan Pendants. Above: A handwritten date, that could be engraved as is onto our engrave selection of jewellery.

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