Everyone’s taste is different, which is why Lylie’s offers the opportunity to customise our jewellery to your individual preference.

You can make each design your own by selecting your preferred non-standard metal choice - 9ct Rose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold, 22ct White Gold to name a few. You can also choose your preferred stone combinations, cufflink fitting, and even chain length.

Use our Customise tool on the product page to select your preferences. The price will automatically change corresponding to your selection. We hand make your Customised designs in our UK workshops and will have them with you in 4 weeks.

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Follow these steps:

  • 1. Select the design you want.

  • 2. Use the customise tool on the product page.

  • 3. Select your personal preferences. Options are:

Metal Colour

The colour of gold depends on what the alloys are. 18ct gold generally has a richer colour than 9ct.

Yellow Gold

The natural colour of Gold is by far the most popular shade used in jewellery making. Yellow gold is usually alloyed with copper and silver, to strengthen it and give the jewellery longevity. The shade of the gold depends on its gold content and 18 carat gold generally has a richer yellow colour than 9 carat.

White Gold

White gold is simply yellow gold mixed with different alloys to give it its colour. Usually created by adding palladium, silver and copper, the colour is not white like platinum but more of a light grey steel colour. These days, jewellers often plate white gold with rhodium (a member of the platinum family) to enhance its colour. We can do this for you, but we’ll ask you first, as rhodium plating wears off and needs re-plating.

Rose Gold

Also known as red gold and pink gold, this shade became popular in Russia at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century and is often referred to as Russian Gold. Made by adding copper to yellow gold, the higher the copper content, the stronger the red in the colour and the shade can vary from carat to carat. 9 carat is usually much pinker than the 18 carat Gold.

Metal Carat

Preference for a certain carat gold is often based on cultural factors. In the UK, 9ct and 18ct are most commonly sold, while in America 14ct is more popular. In India, 22ct gold is preferred. 24ct represents pure gold and tends to be used for exchange and investment as it is too soft to use in jewellery.

You say they all look the same but if you look closer you will notice that 9ct gold is actually quite pale in comparison to 18ct, and 22ct is a lot richer in colour.




  • Salvaged Gold
  • Alloy
Earring Fittings

Select from a these earring fittings, where appropriate, to suit your preference.

Hinged Hoop
French Clip
Clip on
Stud Styles

Select from these stud styles, to suit your preference.

Rub-over Martini
Stud Fittings

Select from these stud fittings, to suit your preference.

La Pousette
Stem & Butterfly
Cufflink Fittings

Select from these cufflink fittings, to suit your preference.

Stone Settings

Select from these stone settings, to suit your preference.

Diamon Claw
Rub Over Claw
Square Claw
Triangle Claw
Stone Choices

Choose the stone or combination of stones that best suits you. Read more about our Man-Made stones here.

Blue Topaz
Chain Length

Our chains are made with slider beads, which means the chain can be worn at multiple lengths to suit your outfit. There is a selection of 4 lengths, shown at the maximum possible length, for you to choose from.

Chain length diagram
  • 4. Place your order.

  • 5. Review a confirmation email stating your selection.

  • 6. Receive progress updates via email.

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