Eliza Walter founded ‘Lylie’s’ in 2017 aged 24. Having learned about the possibility of e-mining and its potential for jewellery manufacturing, Eliza was inspired to classically train as a goldsmith in London’s Hatton Garden. Throughout university, her goldsmith training and working for two Bond Street jewellers, Eliza took an interest in exploring circular supply chain initiatives.

Eliza has cultivated the brand’s spirit with a nod to the romantic movement; with its curiosity in folk tales, an appreciation of nature and love of the medieval period. After taking the romantic predilections, the starting point of all the collections revolves around the desire to reveal something hidden, be that the fragments of the city’s historic inhabitants in the ‘Mudlarker’ collection, to a hidden coral reef in the ‘Sea Treasures’ collection. Eliza loves to capture romantic marvel through the stories that her pieces tell.

'The only jeweller in the UK sourcing materials from urban mining, Lylie’s is making waves in the jewellery business.' - The Financial Times

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