A Case for Continuing to Wear Your Jewellery During Isolation

A Case for Continuing to Wear Your Jewellery During Isolation

With the news that we must avoid all but essential travel, it is time to turn our attention to the ways in which we can maintain our mental health during this period of quarantine. A google search churns up a plethora of suggestions: keep a familiar routine, connect virtually with others, take up a new hobby, set a boundary between your work day and social day, get out of your lounge wear and many more. On top of these things, I also make a case for continuing to wear your jewellery. Whilst the necessary methodical hand washing makes it a difficult time to don your rings (now is an excellent time to clean them), I suggest that you make up for the lack of finger-wear with overstated earrings and layered necklaces - because when you’re looking your best, you often feel your best.

Aside from the spiritual benefits many accord to jewellery and its gemstones, its adornment can also deliver a touch of luxury, a thread of normality, an identity marker, or a memory. Perhaps it is needed to impart some ‘me-ness’ in a weird and turbulent time. Or add instant opulence to drab and dreary days. So even when your lounge clothes tempt you, why not have fun, adorn your jewels and look absurdly glamorous to face the day. Think of it as your armour, an amulet for protection. A story we love at Lylie’s Sustainable Jewellery and that continues to inspire our designer, Eliza, is that the Russian Monarchy’s jewels served as a bullet proof vest on the night of their assassination in 1918. When the Romanov family learned that their fate would involve capture and exile, the daughters began to sew diamonds into their undergarments. So, when the assassinators arrived and released fire, the daughters’ diamond studded corsets caused the bullets to ricochet off. Legend goes that the youngest, Anastasia, whose remains are yet to be found did in fact escape.


Caitlin Astley



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